Welcome From Katrina and Chris

Welcome to "Imagery Rescripting for Childhood Trauma & PTSD". This online course has been designed to offer therapists ultimate flexibility in being able to start the process of learning the schema therapy model at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own space. While face-to-face training is ideal, there are many reasons why people prefer online training, and we have done our very best to design an online schema therapy training program that will capture the nature and spirit of schema therapy practice, and get you going on your journey of learning and integrating schema therapy into your practice.

The program is designed around 6 'weekly' modules. While we encourage everyone to take the full six weeks to digest the program and use the interactive features, there is no reason why you cannot skip ahead and complete the program as quickly as meets your needs. Also, we understand that 'life happens, and that at times things may get in the way of completing the program week-by-week. You will thus have access to the program for an additional 10 weeks (16-weeks in total), meaning you can pace the learning to your own schedule. 

If you wish to ask questions, you can simply make use of the 'Discussions' tab at the bottom of the reflection activity/module for each week to ask any questions - and they will come straight through to Chris and Katrina. If there are themes in the questions that everyone might benefit from we might hold off answering and use this question for our online consultation meeting

As a part of the course, we have a live consultation meeting planned so make a note of the dates in your calendar.

The first one is planned for - Save the Date: June 28 at 3pm Singapore/ HK? Perth, 5pm AEST (Sydney/ Melb/ Brisbane) . Live Zoom Meeting with Katrina and Chris

We also send you email reminders regarding aspects of the training. However, you will only be able to access these if you have opted in to receiving email notifications from us. You can change the settings tab on the login page.

We look forward to hearing from you in the forum should you want to connect or have any questions about the model in the weeks ahead.

Warm regards,

Chris Hayes and Katrina Botehoven de Haan

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